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ABB DC Fast Chargers for Electric Vehicles

Advanced, flexible, compact and smart

ABB's Terra all-in-one DC fast chargers offer power up to 180 kW, with convenient charging times for every EV – including those with HV batteries.

The compact, modular design is perfect for retail, highway or fleet use, with power sharing to further optimize utilization. All Terra chargers feature network connectivity for remote services, OCPP enablement and software updates.

Flexible configuration

ABB's Terra DC Fast chargers can be configured with CCS and CHAdeMO connector cables, in single or dual outlet format. These chargers feature a range of power selections from 50 kW to 180 kW and are designed for the most compact, reliable and future-proof demands. Owners, operators and site hosts can tailor options to the needs of every charging site with cable management, payment enablement and connectivity choices.

The most reliable, scalable choice for EV charging

ABB's Terra chargers offer redundant power architecture for the highest uptime in the EV infrastructure industry. Additionally, Terra chargers can meet the needs of high voltage BEVs up to 920V, making these systems fully compatible with all current and future EVs. With a host of configuration options, Terra DC fast chargers are ready to support EV market growth over time.

Power sharing for high utilization

Enabling every business model is critical for EV charging infrastructure. With this goal in mind, ABB has designed the Terra 124 and Terra 184 models with power sharing technology, which is capable of charging two vehicles at the same time. Simultaneous charging can deliver higher utilization for every charging asset, a major key to public and fleet electrification success.

ABB DC Fast Charging for EVs

Key features

  • A compact, all-in-one charger from 90 kW to 180 kW
  • Terra 124 and Terra 184 can fast-charge two vehicles at the same time
  • Paralleled power module topology with automatic failover offers high uptime through redundancy
  • Delivers output power continuously and reliably over its lifetime
  • Flexible configurations include CCS-single, CCS-dual and CCS+CHAdeMO-dual outlets
  • Up to 920 VDC for every passenger or fleet EV
  • Bright, daylight readable touchscreen display with graphic visualization of charging session
  • High short circuit current rating
  • EMC Class B certified for safe use at fuel stations, retail centers, offices, and residential-adjacent sites
  • Design enables ADA compliant installations
  • RFID authorization modes
  • Always connected, enabling remote services, updates and upgrades
  • Robust all-weather powder-coated stainless steel enclosure
  • Quick and easy installation as well as serviceability
ABB EV Charger Support

Optional Features

  • Reliable cable management system available as ordered or field upgrade
  • Customizable user interface
  • Integrated payment terminal
  • Web tools for statistics and PIN access management
  • Integration with OCPP networks, payment platforms and energy management
  • Autocharge and ISO 15118 enabled


Supported charging protocols CSS, CHAdeMO
Max charging power  
Max charging voltage  
Dimensions - Terra 54 74.8” x 22.2” x 30.7”
Dimensions - Terra 94 124 & 184: 74.8” x 22.2” x 34.6”
Weight 775 - 870 lbs

OCPP compliant software through ABB AbilityTM Connected Services

ABB DC Fast Charging Ability Connected Services

Charger Connect: Easily connect chargers to OCPP back offices, over-the-air software updates

ABB DC Fast Charging Charger Connect

Charger Care: Remote diagnostics and resolution, manage service cases, notifications, data export

ABB DC Fast Charging Configurations

Why charging operators and fleets prefer ABB

  • ABB offers the most advanced, safe and reliable EV infrastructure and grid-connected technologies
  • ABB Connected Services enable every business and remote services model
  • ABB's decade of EV charging experience and close cooperation with EV OEMs, networks and fleets