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JuiceBar Level 2 EV Chargers

Flexible & Customizable EVSEs

JuiceBar charging stations utilize an unlocked EV charger infrastructure to connect to the network of your choice. All JuiceBar charging stations are fully customizable with logos or messaging, improving brand cohesion, creating a positive impression and displaying your commitment to a sustainable future.

JuiceBar Customizable EV Chargers

JuiceBar Gen3 EV Chargers

JuiceBar GEN 3 EV Charger

JuiceBar GEN 3 EV chargers come with the option of a pedestal or wall mount. These charge point products are fully upgradable, featuring a modular design with parts that can be swapped out over time. You choose if and when to activate EVSE management software, and can use JuiceBar stations whether the software is activated or not.

  • JuiceBar GEN 3: 32 AMPS
  • JuiceBar GEN 3: 40 AMPS
  • JuiceBar GEN 3: 48 AMPS
  • JuiceBar GEN 3: 80 AMPS
Gen 3 EV Charger