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Battery Storage Systems

As renewable energy sources replace their polluting cousins, the supply of energy becomes more difficult to predict. The constant burning of fossil fuels instead becomes an ebb and flow of solar, wind and other kinds of electricity. The future of energy usage requires robust electrification systems that can dynamically respond to changes in energy needs.

Energy storage systems from Inertial Electric solve this problem. By partnering with Exponential Power, we help optimize the use of renewable energy and create a more flexible, dynamic grid system. Excess energy from renewable sources charges battery storage systems during peak output, like when the sun is shining on solar panels in the middle of the day. This energy is stored to be used when the energy supply is lower than demand.

Benefits of Energy Storage

Commercial Energy Storage Systems


Typical energy grids require an equivalent supply and draw of power at a given time, meaning any increase in power needs requires an increase in power supply. Many renewable energy technologies have variable outputs, and cannot respond to changes in need like polluting sources can. Energy storage systems smooth out the supply and demand curves of these systems.

Exponential Power Battery Storage

Grid Disruptions & Rural Communities

Power outages are commonplace across the nation, caused by grid disruptions including wildfires, storms and poor planning. The farther you are from the electrical grid, the more vulnerable you become to disruptions. Rural communities are at greater risk of becoming disconnected from larger metropolitan areas.