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Level 2 AC Chargers

Level 2 (L2) EVSEs are the most common type of AC chargers. L2 chargers connect to 240V single-phase power supplies and typically output between 7kW and 19kW of AC power. These chargers are ideal for fleets, apartments, workplaces and other long-stay locations.

Level 2 EV Chargers

L2 EVSE Connector Types

There are two types of L2 AC plugs for electric vehicles. The most common two plugs are the J1772 and Tesla. While the J1772 plug is compatible with all manufacturers in North America, Tesla is only used with Tesla vehicles. To provide more charging stations for Tesla car owners, they also make an adapter to connect to J1772 plugs. 



Level 2 EVSEs from Inertial Electric

Inertial Electric installs, commissions and supports these L2 EV chargers from JuiceBar:

  • GEN 3: 32 AMPS (6.6 - 7.6 kW)
  • GEN 3: 40 AMPS (8.3 - 9.6 kW)
  • GEN 3: 48 AMPS (9.9 - 11.5 kW)
  • GEN 3: 80 AMPS (16.6 - 19.2 kW)