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Maintenance for Solar Panel Systems

General Maintenance & Repairs

Commercial solar arrays generally require very little maintenance. Dust and dirt can build up on panels over the course of the year but are easily washed away with rain. Ignoring the buildup of small debris can reduce energy output by as much as 15%. Panels should be serviced at least once a year to prevent excessive buildup. Inertial Electric technicians help site owners set up system monitoring software to transmit energy data to access from any device. Businesses can incorporate maintenance costs with service packages included in the upfront cost of installation.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Upgrading or Adding to Solar Array Systems

Commercial energy requirements tend to increase over time. Site owners may want to add to or upgrade their solar energy capture systems to offset increases in energy costs. Upgrading solar panels can increase energy output without demanding a larger footprint. Pairing artistic solar panels with traditional solar arrays can help maximize energy output while maintaining a discreet, stylish appearance.