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Madison EV Charging Station Installers

Inertial Electric is Madison’s single source for EV charging solutions, providing full installation, commissioning, and maintenance services. Madison businesses and public organizations can show their commitment to a sustainable future while attracting new clientele. Network-connected services and integrated point-of-sale systems also provide a future-proof, upgradable way to capitalize on new revenue streams for maximum ROI.

EV Chargers for Madison Businesses

Customers are already coming to expect EV charging at retailers, restaurants and other businesses throughout Madison. As the rollout of electric vehicles kicks into high gear, this trend is likely to continue. Madison businesses can show customers that they are forward-thinking while creating new opportunities for branding and messaging through customized charging stations.

EV Chargers for Public & Government Property

Public parks, government buildings, and public parking structures around Madison can attract more traffic by providing a convenient way to charge electric vehicles. Some EV chargers require no changes to existing electrical infrastructure while still providing fast DC charging capabilities. Outfitting chargers with point-of-sale systems can also provide a new revenue stream for municipal services throughout Madison.

EV Chargers for Madison Buses & Public Transportation

Heavy electric vehicles such as buses and trucks are likely to replace their polluting cousins in the years ahead, driving down air pollution and improving public health. ABB heavy vehicle chargers (HVCs) are the perfect solution for charging depots. Up to three charging boxes can be connected to a single charging cabinet to charge large EVs sequentially over time.