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Fast Chargers for Shopping Centers & Restaurants

Retail centers and restaurants can attract business by providing fast charging stations to customers with electric vehicles. EV chargers near businesses provide a two-faceted increase in business opportunities:

  • EV drivers are more likely to stop at a business they can patronize while charging their cars.
  • Customers charging their cars spend more time and money with your business.

Reliable DC Fast Chargers for Retail

ABB DC fast chargers are the perfect choice for retail locations with ready access to 240-480V power supplies. ABB’s Wallbox chargers are low investment, high utilization charging stations with easy to use displays. DC fast chargers from ABB provide greater flexibility, utilizing power sharing to charge two vehicles simultaneously. All ABB chargers are upgradable and feature network connectivity to ABB remote services, making them easy to control from anywhere.

Battery-Integrated Charging Systems

FreeWire Boost EV chargers are the perfect solution for retailers wishing to provide EV charging without making changes to existing electrical infrastructure. These chargers feature integrated batteries which charge when the unit is not in use. Customers will still benefit from fast DC charging, and you’ll save on installation costs.

Branding Opportunities

JuiceBar Gen3 chargers are a stylish way to incorporate retailer logos, colors and branding. These Level 2 chargers provide modest charging power for customers who intend to stay for long periods or that don’t require a full charge.