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FreeWire DC Boost Charger

Lower installation & energy costs

The DC Boost Charger is a space and energy-efficient fast charger that delivers high power charging using existing electrical infrastructure, reducing installation costs. The Boost Charger features integrated energy storage with management software that can help reduce energy costs by up to 70% while reducing the risk of downtime.

Flexible & future-proof design

The FreeWire DC Boost Charger offers flexible deployment options that reduce the need for long-term site planning. The small footprint and low-power connectivity reduce limitations and make relocation easy. The integrated energy storage includes management software and OCPP compatible communications. FreeWire Boost chargers are unlikely to deplete stored energy under normal operating conditions, and can fully recharge within 8 hours.


Supported charging protocols CSS, CHAdeMO
Max charging power 150 kW (CCS), 100 kW (CHAdeMO)
Combined two vehicles at 75 kW each
Input power up to 27 kW
Integrated energy storage capacity 160 kWh
Dimensions 40” x 43” x 96”
Weight 3,800 lbs

Connectivity & communications

FreeWire Boost Network Connectivity

4G LTE or ethernet network connectivity

FreeWire Boost Charger Integration

OCPP 1.6-J compliance