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Maintenance for ABB Heavy Vehicle Chargers (HVCs)

Preventative Maintenance & Repairs

Regular service for ABB HVC systems is an important part of maintaining fleet operations for heavy EVs like trucks and buses. Preventative maintenance should be scheduled at least once a year to keep charging systems running at optimum efficiency. Frequently used HVCs may need more frequent service. Speak with an Inertial Electric representative to work out a service plan to avoid costly repairs. Maintenance packages can be sold with the upfront cost of installation to cover regular servicing. System warranties may cover the cost of repairs and spare parts.

ABB HVC EV Charger Maintenance

Upgrading or Switching ABB HVC Management Software

ABB Connected Services is an internet-based software suite giving site owners full control over their charging infrastructure.

Connected Services

provides a comprehensive system overview and offers the following benefits:

  • ABB Flexible EV Charger Configurations

    Flexibility - Uses open standards compatible with any charging network, back-office system, and payment platform

  • ABB Upgradable EV Chargers

    Upgradable - Receive software updates over your network to keep up with the latest standards

  • ABB EV Chargers with High Uptime

    High Availability - High uptime and service availability are guaranteed

  • ABB Cost Effective EV Chargers

    Cost-Efficiency - Avoid the costs associated with proprietary software development

Inertial Electric also offers guidance for site owners who wish to use alternative management software for ABB HVCs.